Wednesday, August 10, 2022
HomelatestAP And Telangana Tops World Bank’s Statistics In EODB

AP And Telangana Tops World Bank’s Statistics In EODB

Once again the two Telugu States grabbed the limelight all over with their unique achievement on International level. The states topped the charts of World Bank’s statistics and made headlines for the Nation of India.The Ministry of Commerce at the World bank directed its Department of Publicity and Policy to release the results of its survey over the Ease of Doing Business states in the India. In the released results, the bifurcated State of Andhra Pradesh acquired the first spot with 98% and the newest state Telangana occupied the second place with just a difference of 0.09%. Both the Telugu States are very happy over this achievement and sent a strong message that Telugu States are quicker in development.

Post the bifurcation, the Two Telugu States are competing with each other in order to lead the race in development.Both the Chief Ministers are attracting MNCs to invest in their respective States along with getting International funds across the Globe.None other than the Telangana IT Minister KTR took his Twitter to congratulate the Telangana for standing in the second position. Even though he was upset for missing the top position with very minute difference, he cheered up the T- Officials for doing a great job. On the same note, this son of T-CM congratulated AP and its CM Chandrababu Naidu for this outstanding achievement.

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