Saturday, September 18, 2021
HomelatestAP Ministers Meet With Chiru Raising Eyebrows

AP Ministers Meet With Chiru Raising Eyebrows

The former Minister of Tourism, Chiranjeevi made news as he met a ruling party’s Minister at his residence in Hyderabad. Details of this meet are as follows.This number one star who floated a political party and became a Minister by merging it into Congress finally big adios to the Politics. Retired as the former MP of Rajya Sabha from Congress Party, Chiru is back to his home arena of films. Chiru who bagged unwanted bad name by getting alleged by his haters in the name of selling his party tickets and then merging his party leaving his supports in vain etc is slowly washing away this Political dirt.

Thanks to the growing social media and interviews, some leaders and former members of Praja Rajyam party quashed the rumours on Chiru and declared him as a clean man.Actors like Posani went further and claimed that Chiru is best human but an inexperienced Politician who doesn’t suit for the Politics. Such man when about to bid farewell to his MP position had granted 5 crores from his MPLADs to the Andhra Pradesh State Government for the constituency of Machilipatnam.

Now the leader of the place, Kollu Ravindra who is currently holding the Ministries of Law & Justice, Enforcement, Skill Development, Youth, Sports etc came all the way to Chiru’s house to thank him and explain the developments of all the projects carried away with Chiru’s grants.Later the inside circles of megastar declared that the meeting is completely official and has nothing to do with Politics. They state that Chiru is extremely happy with the developments in Machilipatnam. Fans want him to stick to flicks leaving Politics permanently.

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