Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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AP Occupies Number Three Spot In Tourism

The All India tour operators’ 34th Conference was organised the other day in the steel city of Visakhapatnam. The AP’s tourism Director, Himanshu Shukla revealed this news which made the AP Government happy post the bifurcation.

Eco-tourism and Medical etc dependingTalking to the conference, the AP Tourism director Shukla congratulated the entire department of AP Tourism for making the state to stand third in entire India. According to him, AP which used to attract 15% of whole India Tourists has increased to a phenomenal 22% within the past two years. From lovely beach city of Visakhapatnam to the backwaters of River Godavari, many tourists spots have established in the entire belt region of the coastal AP. He promised to develop the Tourism department more by providing much-needed infrastructure, especially to the foreigners.

utilising this land to provide perfect infrastructure for boarding and lodging.

The development will be made by categorising the entire state into hubs. As of now, there are 13 districts and these will be further classified into 5 hubs, 2-3 districts each. They are developed deep with the theme of Spiritual, Buddhist, Heritage, Beach Front, Eco-tourism and Medical etc depending on the places and their regional traditions. This is a stunning approach to make AP, one of the attractive places for frequent tourists. Currently, this department has 500 acres of land on a whole allocated by the State Government and the director is keen on utilising this land to provide perfect infrastructure for boarding and lodging.

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