AP People Showed Their Wrath On The BJP Chief Amit Shah:

AP People Showed Their Wrath On The BJP Chief Amit Shah

AP People Showed Their Wrath On The BJP Chief Amit Shah

Posted May 11, 2018, 7:08 pm at 19:08

In what may call as the most astonishing incident, the BJP National Chief Amit Shah faced a severe bad experience in the eyewitness of Lord Balaji. The details of this incident are as follows.The BJP King maker Amit Shah took time to visit the mighty place Tirumala Tirupati today and performed rituals for himself. While he was walking close to the public, he saw the wrath of AP people for betraying the entire State. Some TDP supporters who came to know about Amit Shah’s visit reached the venue and threw stones at him. Even though he didn’t get hurt with any stone, he was deeply humiliated by the entire incident. Amit Shah then rushed inside with tight security and went out with the help of marshalls. The culprits are identified as the followers of TDP party and they are more than happy to do such act to the Chief of a big National Party.

Many local Political analysts term this act as bad but maximum of AP people lauds this incident. They dare to term this incident as the tit for tat, fitting retort etc. Amit Shah has been to Tirupati to offer his prayers as today the prestigious elections of Karnataka is taking place. These elections are more important to Amit Shah than for any others as he is looking forward to getting his fortress in South starting with Karnataka. The results of this State will declare the future of BJP in AP. let us wait and see how BJP would react to this issue.

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