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Artificial intelligence In Sales Marketing

In all the functions of a corporate company, the sale is the one of the main function of the business and most people will be focused on sale. Nowadays it not much like the traditional methods in which salesperson go to the customer to sell the product it is like face to face interaction as it happened in traditional days so that in those days selling has been only human work or a job for people rather than machines.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are already starting to make a major step into the sales process by adding an extra dimension to everything in the sale from marketing automation to customer relationship management. And this artificial intelligence and machine learning works according to the sale force research, high performing teams are at least twice as likely to be using intelligent sales technology such as sentiment analysis, next step analysis, and deep learning with the artificial intelligence.

Changes in sales environment:

Work of the employee may be automated but the customers still believe in the value of touch. Many people buy online now but still return them because of the quality the product has. So people still believe that touch the product feel it and then buy the product.

According to the analysts’ research most of the work in the sales department can be automated in further maximum to eighty percent it is a common thought by analysts. For anybody imaging a huge group in the sales department, it is important that to note as it’s the task that is being got automated not the jobs of the people. Technology is just like assisting the employees, not like replacing the job. And many experts accept that this is the process in which sales tasks are being performed. With a recent survey on business to business customers revealed that what most of the customers want is great digital interaction and that too with a human touch. What development we are going to see in the future and what has developed right now in the sales environment, is the sales function reverting back to the human element.

Many predictions show that in future we experience that very few people do the product sales, and we also see very few people do the repetitive work in the manufacturing process, and these tasks will be done by robots and fewer people only will be answering to the questions of the customers, and this tasks will be replaced by the bots and artificial intelligence. But we can see much more demand for the people who are able to offer to consult and sales of services. With these it is creating efficiencies, artificial intelligence can strengthen the sales pitch, customer data can be recorded and a wide range of data can be gathered.

Artificial intelligence is already taking over automated, online sales processes and it will be used to help salespeople do deep research and learn more about customers. The salesperson will become more valuable to the business. Salespeople now selling mostly services and services never end with a handshake. The future of the sales persons will be the long-standing relationship with the customers and build new connections with customers and ensure their products are well maintained.

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