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HomelatestKiran’s entry results in Raghuveera’s exit from Congress?

Kiran’s entry results in Raghuveera’s exit from Congress?

Of the ongoing speculations regarding the APCC are believed to be true, the entry of Ex CM of United AP, Kiran Kumar Reddy’s re-entry into the party is making more damage than the benefits. Stunning details of this speculation as follows.

The Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee’s Chairman Raghuveera Reddy is not happy with the way things are going on in the party these days. Even though the High Command is doing everything it can to revive the party by calling in the left senior leaders, the importance it has been paying to them is not going well with the PCC Chief. According to the latest speculations, Kiran Kumar Reddy was lured by offering big posts like PCC Chief and the latter agreed. If he was given the PCC Chief post, then the current head Raghuveera should lose the position as the orders would come from the headquarters of AICC.

Sources close to Raghuveera state that the PCC Chief was initially happy as the bigwigs like Kiran and a few others are coming back. But the fact that the National Chief is going to transfer his post to the entries like Kiran, Raghu Veera Reddy was shattered at heart. Despite his four and half years of hard work within AP to keep the party intact, he should have given more importance than any other person like Kiran who left the party prior to 2019. Some sources speculate that if Kiran was given the PCC Chief, then Raghu is all set to join YSRCP at any cost and he will take away some of his followers along which will be a huge damage to the party. Let us wait and see how the Congress Working Committee would resolve these internal issues without losing any leaders.


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