Goodachari Trailer & Review


Goodachari Movie trailer

Wait a minute, here is a new action thriller “Goodachari’… The intelligent cut it is… Adavi Seshu, Prakash Raj, and Sobhita Dhulipala as the star cast Goodacahri ready to release on 3rd August. Now, the team has released the trailer… the trailer is really good and thrills…

Come to the trailer, it reveals that the hero is an orphan and he may be lost his father in his childhood and he takes his father as inspiration. He joins in Indian Armed Forces. But, here is a twist the trailer completely changes perception and hero looks like Goodachari (SPY). So, it is completely confusing… this action thriller’s writer is The thriller Kshanam’s writer… So, expectation much build up to watch this film. The audience wants fresh stories and it may satisfy them…


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