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HomelatestHandover Those 9 Mosques To Hindus – UP Shia Wakf Board

Handover Those 9 Mosques To Hindus – UP Shia Wakf Board

Ayodhya Ram Mandir Handover Those 9 Mosques To Hindus 

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In what could be termed as a shocking development, the UP Shia Wakf Board Chief Waseem Rizvi stated that measures should be taken to prevent Namaz Prayers in 9 mosques. According to him, these mosques were built on disputed lands. In this context, he has written a letter to All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

‘Mosques have been built on 9 disputes lands. 4 are in Uttar Pradesh, 2 are in Gujarat, and one each in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal. The mosques (in these disputed lands) were built after the Hindu temples were bulldozed by then Muslim rulers. Hence, we request you take necessary in restricting the Muslims from doing Namaz Prayers in these mosques’, read the letter.

He further stated that ‘encroaching lands of other religions, bulldozing the existing structures and building mosques is against Islamic laws. Quran and Sharia do not agree to the Namaz Prayers carried in those mosques’.

In the past, Waseem Rizvi also advised Muslim community to handover dispute Ram Mandir area in Ayodhya to Hindus. The mosque built in Ayodhya (Ram Mandir) is in the list mentioned by Waseem Rizvi.

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