Friday, February 3, 2023
HomelatestTDP Effect! Stock Market Down By 510 Points!

TDP Effect! Stock Market Down By 510 Points!

Stock Market Down By 510 Points It Will Be Effect On TDP Party

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As soon TDP sources confirmed that TDP would exit from NDA alliance at the Centre, dark clouds cast on the Central government. Though the government cannot be brought down, given BJP numbers in the parliament, the ‘trust factor’ on the BJP-led NDA government has been affected. After the indications that TDP is likely to move the no-confidence motion against the Centre of the Parliament became public, the market sentiments were deeply hurt.

TDP is the biggest party (in terms of number) in the NDA alliance. IN support of TDP’s no-confidence motion, the majority of the opposition parties came forward and extended their support. As per sources, more than 200 MPs are prepared to support the no-confidence motion against the Centre.

Given the rise in uncertainty in national politics, investors sold their stocks. After starting at 33,524 points, the Sensex went down by 509 points and ended at 33,176 points at the closing. Sensex ended yesterday’s rally at around 33,685 points.With no-confidence motion to be moved on Monday, the investors are keenly examining the developments in Delhi.

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