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HomelatestCenter On Rama Sethu Destruction!

Center On Rama Sethu Destruction!

Ram Sethu Will Not Be Damaged For Sethusamudram Project 

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In its affidavit, the Central Government filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that ‘it wouldn’t damage the Rama Sethu, in the interest of the nation for the initiated Sethusamudram Project’.

Initially, even during the British rule, there were few proposal of cutting through Rama Sethu to facilitate Sethusamudram project. Moreover, even the Indian Govt. did consider paving a way through the Rama Sethu, or Adam’s bridge.

In its latest affidavit, the government made it clear that it is looking to explore other alternatives for the Sethusamudram Ship Channel project without damaging/affecting the Rama Sethu (or Adam’s Bridge). On behalf of the Government, Additional Solicitor General Pinky Anand appeared in the Supreme Court. The government’s affidavit came in response to the PIL (Public Interest Litigation) filed by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy.

In his PIL, Swamy stated that Ram Sethu is high importance on the basis of religious beliefs. According to Ramayana, Rama constructed the Rama Sethu. It helped his army to cross the sea.

The Rajender Pachauri Committee report was not in favor of building an alternative channel for the Sethusamudram project. ‘Other than cutting through Rama Sethu, nothing else is economically or ecologically feasible’, the report said.

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