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HomelatestNot BJP Or YSRCP But People Are Directing Me: Pawan Slams TDP

Not BJP Or YSRCP But People Are Directing Me: Pawan Slams TDP

Chandrababu Naidu Says Pawan Kalyan Graft Allegations

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The two friends Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu Naidu who jointly worked together in 2014 elections have been crossing swords at each other. Pawan Kalyan has responded and countered TDP National head CBN and his party members in one press meet.

After listening to Pawan’s allegations in his latest speech, CBN and his followers throw mud on Pawan by alleging that he is acting according to BJP’s directions. They continued their mudslinging work on this powerful leader by stating that YSRCP is funding his party and is reading the script written by some Central BJP Ministers.

Pawan Kalyan who visited Diarrhoea patients in Vijayawada has reverted TDPs counters in his press meet today. Addressing the media, Pawan asked how could CBN or his party members slam him despite using his party in the past. This furious leader who went uneasily with TDPs politics declared that he will not act under the direction of any but the people. Pawan deliberately warned TDP camp to stop attacking him or else he would open his mouth and start his verbal attack with evidence. Janasena Supreme questioned the AP CM about the misutilization of 900 crores spent on Health department and dared to say that TDP failed to make AP as Arogyandhra.

Talking about the Special Category Status fight, Pawan felt that no party in AP has neither the clarity nor the guts to fight against the Centre. He claimed that he only has the heart to die for his people, unlike TDP who has concerns and loopholes with the Central Government. It is now very clear that Pawan Kalyan is not in a mood to tolerate anyone in present political scenario.

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