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Badshah brings 80s synth-pop alive with ‘Chamkeela Chehra

Indian rapper and singer Badshah released his new track titled ‘Chamkeela Chehra’ on Wednesday. The track is a part of Badshah’s ambitious album ‘Retropanda Part 1’ and has been produced in the 80s synth-pop genre. It features percussion designed on the drum machine, a prominent 80s-style synth with a moist snare in the loop as Badshah crooned in an autotuned treated voice.

The music video of the song begins with a robbery in the ‘Royal Bank’. A female robber wearing an arcade design mask lays siege to the bank with her gang. Badshah is seen in the role of a nerdy bank teller, who falls in love with the female robber.

The robber holds him, hostage, before walking into the bank chest. Badshah’s character in the video is shown to be suffering from Stockholm syndrome and ends up paying heavily for it by the time the video ends.

‘Chamkeela Chehra’ created by Badshah and produced by Hiten, is available across audio streaming platforms.

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