Baahubali Brain Surgery

Bahubali during brain surgery

Bahubhali during Brain Surgery

Baahubali is the biggest Indian cinema till date. This film has got a huge success from all over the world. Rajamouli is the director for the film. This is the first film to enter into 1000 crore club. Prabhas and Rana have got a lot of craze after this film. The craze for the epic blockbuster Baahubali has gone much beyond the cinema theatres. Now, this craze reached the operation theatres. Are you wondering what is it all about then let’s have a look at the details. Patient watches Baahubali during brain surgery.

There is a case in a private hospital in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh played the film while doctors performed a critical brain surgery. With its success, doctors are now referring to the surgery as “Baahubali Brain Surgery”. A 43-year-old nurse Vinaya Kumari suffered from fits and was diagnosed with a brain tumour. On September 21, doctors decided to operate her at the Tulasi Multi-speciality Hospital in Guntur. As it is important for the patient to stay awake during the surgery, the doctors played film ‘Baahubali 2’ on a laptop to keep the patient busy. The operation lasts for 1 and half hour. The surgery is also as successful as Baahubali film.

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