Balakrishna Jayasimha high on sentiments!


Nandamuri Balakrishna ‘Simha’, directed by Boyapati Seenu was a blockbuster. The film crossed 50 crores mark for the first time in his career. Post that film, it is known that Balakrishna did not have hits in that range. Even though ‘Gautamiputra Sathakarni’ was a hit, both commercially and conceptually, Balakrishna fans felt that it did not match the heights of ‘Simha’. After naming his next film with KS Ravi Kumar as ‘Jayasimha’ Balakrishna is gearing up for one more blockbuster.

Even though it sounds superstitious, but it’s proven fact that most of the films featuring the term ‘Simha’ have been hits for Balakrishna in the past. Going with the same sentiment, even the logo for ‘Jayasimha’ has been designed on similar lines of ‘Simha’. Balakrishna’s look, style, and double-role would remind ‘Simha’.

Sentiments high on the film!

Nayantara who was the heroine in Simha will also be seen as the heroine in Jayasimha. With everything seeming positive, and sentiments high, Balakrishna is looking forward to ring the cash registers at the box office with Jayasimha, just like what he did in the past.

Meanwhile, the fans are a bit worried about the film. The director did not have a good time in Tamil Film Industry recently. The fans are also worried that the film might feature content similar to ‘Player’ movie in Tamil. Jayasimha is set to release for the 2018 Sankranti festival.

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