Congress and TRS show a sudden interest in Chowdarys!


Congress and TRS show a sudden interest in Chowdarys!

The political ground in Telangana has completely changed in the last one month. After Revanth Reddy and 18 other TPD leaders joining Congress in the presence of Rahul Gandhi, Indian National Congress Vice President in New Delhi, it is almost official that TDP has met its end in Telangana. It has to be noted that TDP has been well known for the ‘Chowdary (Kamma) caste’ being a prominent one. Its founder NTR is also a Chowdary.



With TDP’s end in Telangana, Chowdarys are looking for ways to exist politically. In the combined Andhra Pradesh states, Chowdarys did flourish both politically and economically. Many IT companies were set up by Chowdarys in Hyderabad. Post the partition, many Chowdarys felt insecure, as most of the TRS leaders belonged to Velama caste. But TRS ensured that Chowdarys are treated well, and also made Thummala a state cabinet minister belonging to Chowdary caste. KCR knew that Chowdarys would make an impact on close to 40 seats in Telangana, with 15 to 20 seats alone in Hyderabad.


Meanwhile, Congress also jumped into the party by welcoming Revanth Reddy into their party. Even though Congress did learn the less late, it acted quickly by making the moves. One has to wait and see, how beneficial would this scenario be to the Chowdarys in the state of Telangana.


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