Woman burnt alive in Uttar Pradesh for resisting rape


Woman burnt alive in Uttar Pradesh for resisting rape

Resist a Rape can Kill You? Yes! You heard me RIGHT!  To know more let’s go into more details of the story.A 27-year-old widow was burnt alive by her brother-in-law as she resisted his attempt to rape her. This incident took place when the woman was alone in her house, at a village in Badaun in Uttar Pradesh, police said on Thursday.

woman burnt alive in uttar pradeshThe woman, named Neelam was alone in her house in Labhari, when her brother –in – law forced himself upon her, while she resisted, he burnt her alive. This incident took place on a Wednesday night.Police told the woman’s father lodged a complaint and search is going on for the absconding accused, Jitendra. He has been booked under relevant sections of the IPC (Indian Penal Code), they said.

Rapes have become a very common thing, as we observe it with so many cases registered every single day, sometimes few going unnoticed. We as a society bear a greater responsibility in bringing up our boys and girls. What kind of society are we living in? We read cases of a man raping his own daughter for years causing her not only physical but also mental trauma. Gang rapes, rapes on minors, rape by a brother, rape on a helpless widow.

Is this the society we are looking for? I believe that it is the change in the attitude of an individual, change the attitude of our society especially towards ‘woman ‘can only change this world.

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