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Balayya In Another Beating Controversy

The slaps and Balayya are a romantic combination. Whenever he gets mobbed by his fans, one or two would get this sweet gift for a valid reason or because of his anger. Balayya yet again made news with a new controversy.

Balayya Slaps Yet Again

The other day, this Hindupur MLA had been to Khammam in the Telangana. For those who think the T-TDP have gone low in Telangana, fans who graced to see Balayya’s roadshow is a perfect example for his craze. Despite facing duds in the movie field, his stardom among masses is quite remarkable. However, while he was travelling in his car, a group of his die-hard fans stopped his car and shouted chantings of Jai Balayya. Irked Simha hero got down the car and chased them away as they were interrupting his way. This incident was allegedly reported by many sections of media that Balayya actually kicked his fans for obstructing his way. This is not the first time he did such act towards his fans. Hurt fans have set some flexis showcasing Balayya to fire with anguish.


Senior analysts state that in the video which is going viral, one cannot declare whether Balayya kicked them or just asked them to move away. But for his previous track record, anyone would tend to believe Balayya actually manhandled them. Whatever might be the case, Balayya is still their favourite hero and Khammam’s response explains it all.

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