Banjarahills: senior Film actress complained of data theft

Banjarahills: Film senior actress complained of data theft
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A film actress has complained to the Banjara Hills Police Station after she allegedly noticed a crucial data theft.
Radha Prasanthi, a film actress and social activist residing in the Filmnagar colony, has been acquainted with the famous designer Lakshmi for four years.
Lakshmi along with her son Chakri recently came to Radha Prashanti house to show the sarees designs.
Chakri came to her house on May 13 and took her phone for copying designs.
He returned the phone after an hour and a half, left her house.
Radha checked phone and didn’t see any designs on the phone.

Besides Laxmi took Radha’s passport, PAN card, bank details and 25,000 rupees money applying for GST card.
So Radha called Laxmi regarding this, Laxmi answered she’ll come with her son.
Radha found important files, facebook and G-mail data are missing.
She filed a complaint on Laxmi and her son Chakri.


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