Telangana : Bathukamma Festivals To Begin From October 9


The celebrations of flower celebration Bathukamma to begin from October 9, 2018. Bathukamma has been perceived as the state celebration after the form of Telangana state. This year the festivals will be held from October 9 to October 17. The government ordered officials on Monday reported the dates of the celebration with the main program of Saddula Bathukamma to be hung on October 17.

goddess parvati as it is trusted that goddess sati

It additionally guided all the region collectors to make expound courses of action for the celebration alongside improving the sanctuaries and water tanks. The celebration is additionally committed to Goddess Parvati as it is trusted that Goddess Sati returned as Goddess Parvati.The multi day flower celebration has started in Telangana. The celebration started with fervor as the ladies were wearing conventional garments and bright parades were done in Telangana, the Bathukamma celebration is commended amid Durga Navratri. Bathukamma celebration starts upon the arrival of Mahalaya Amavasya and the celebration proceeds till nine days, finishing upon the arrival of Durgashtami.

bathukamma signifies 'mother goddess wake up'

Bathukamma signifies ‘Mother Goddess wake up’ and the celebration speaks to the social soul of Telangana, symbolizing the benefactor Goddess of womanhood. The celebration is likewise viewed as the Spring Festival of Goddess Gauri. Bathukamma celebration is a flower celebration and amid the celebration, an excellent bloom stack is orchestrated in an unique style fit as a shape of temple.

The List of names of every day as it is commended:

the list of names of every day as it is commended

Day 1: Engili pula Bathukamma
Day 2: Atukula Bathukamma
Day 3: Muddapappu Bathukamma
Day 4: Nanabiyyam Bathukamma
Day 5: Atla Bathukamma
Day 6: Aligina Bathukamma
Day 7: Vepakayala Bathukamma
Day 8: Vennamuddala Bathukamma
Day 9: Saddula Bathukamma


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