BCCI on Mohammad Shami match-fixing scandal!

BCCI on Mohammad Shami match-fixing scandal
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BCCI on Shami match-fixing scandal

From the past few days, Hasin Jahan, wife of Indian pacer Mohammad Shami has been alleging her husband on various fronts. She spoke about Shami’s extramarital affairs, illicit relationships, domestic violence, match-fixing scandals, and even allegations that he forced her to fulfil sexual desires of his brother.

Hasin Jahan spoke to the BCCI heads about the match-fixing scandal. After a preliminary investigation, the BCCI confirmed that the allegations over Mohammad Shami involving in match fixing are absolutely false.

‘We did not find any evidence that proves or suggests that Mohammad Shami is involved in match-fixing. BCCI will continue his Grade-B contract’, said a BCCI official. It will be interesting to see how Hasin Jahan will respond to the latest comments from the BCCI.

Meanwhile, her close friends who have been in support of her, during this entire episode claim that, Mohammad Shami managed to turn things on his side. With Shami and his wife meeting Mamata Banerjee (separately), we have to wait and see whether this case will go to the court, or the couple will come to a compromise.

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