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Bettings On Nandyala By Elections

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Bettings Nandyala Elections

Bettings Nandyala Elections: No matter how much the politics become the prestigious issue in Nandyala by elections. This by elections decided that the political future of YCP and TDP parties. The TDP and YCP parties competing for each other. At this situation, the crores of rupees betting are running on this election results. From TDP party Bhuma family and YCP party Shilpa family is in this Nadyala competition. So every one showing interest in this elections. Not only from AP, Telangana and Karnataka states betting persons come and staying at Nandyala. They are closely examining the consequences of Nandyala elections.

Nearly thousand crores of amount shifting hands. Every day they measure the strengths of the parties. The political leader is occupied all the hotels and lodges. Now the situation is very tight betting persons also come to Nandyala. Who has the big house they also give their one of rooms for rent? In fact, any of the party wins the crores of rupees will be bet. And now IT officers also landed in Nandyala.


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