Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Lord Krishna Janmashtami details and Information

Lord Krishna Janmashtami details and Information

Lord Krishna Janmashtami details and Information: ‘Krishanstami’ is celebrated on the occasion of the Lord Guru Sri Krishna’s birthday on Rohini Nakshatram, the night of Sravana Bahula Astami as per Telugu calendar. Krishanstami can be celebrated as “Gokulastami”, “Ashtami Rohini”, “Sri Krishna Janmashtami”, “Sri Krishna Jayanti”, “Sri Jayanthi”, “Satham Atam”, “Janmashtami”. As per Hindu mythology the Lord Maha Vishnu born as Sri Krishna as his 8th avatar to guide the man kind. This Astami is also celebrated as Utla(pot) festival.

On the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami to invite Lord Krishna into home devotees print Lord Krishna feet with the paste of rice or with rangoli. In home entrance, they decorate with beautiful flowers, and mango leaves, clean the Lord Krishna idol with the wet cloth and decorate with sandal paste and vermillion powder and with beautiful, colorful flowers. And pray Lord Krishna with akshintalu( the the mixture of rice and turmeric powder) and dupadeepam(lightings).

Paayasam, Vadapappu, Chakrapongali, Shonti, Browns Sugar Paayasam, Venna and Megada(butter and butter cream) {Lord Krishna’s favorite}, Milk all these food will be offered to Lord Krishna. Mainly Atukulu(flattened rice) will be offered because Kucheludu(Lord Krishna childhood friend) offer atukulu with love and Lord Krishna offer him the wealth. So mainly atukulu mixed with brown sugar will be offer Lord Krishna.

On the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, devotees do fasting and end the fasting on Navami period. Worship Lord Krishna with this slogan ‘Mamakila paapa prasamanapurvaka sarvaabesta siddaye Sri Janmashtami vratamayam karishye’.

On the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, devotees play utlu kottu game. A pot will be tied in height and people will pull up and down so one by one will try to break the pot.

Sri Krishna Leela’s on the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami:

At the time of vastapaharana, Draupadi prays Lord Krishna to help her. So Lord Krishna helped her clothes without getting insulted. So if we pray with heart and offer our prayers then Lord Krishna surely help us.

Kaliya, a poisonous snake live in Yamuna river in Vrindavan. The water of Yamuna river boiled and bubbled with poison. With that, the birds can’t bear the boiling of water and fell into the water and dying.

So Lord Krishna thought to take off the poison from the Yamuna river. Lord Krishna jumped into Yamuna river. The kids of Gopi’s and Yashoda got tensed.

The Kaliya snake saw him and wrapped himself around Lord Krishna’s body to teach a lesson. Lord Krishna became huge so that Kaliya left him and became angry by spitting more poison. Lord Krishna came back to his original form and started dancing on his 100 head’s one by one. So that Kaliya vomited blood and accepted his defeat. Kaliya and his wives prayed Lord Krishna to release Kaliya. So Lord Krishna left him and Kaliya immediately left from Yamuna river and went to Ramanaka Dwipa with his family. Like that Lord Krishna did Kaliya Mardanam and helped people from that poisonous Kaliya in Yamuna river.

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