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Bheeshma First Glimpse: A romantic Bheeshma!

‘Bhishma’ in Mahabharat was known for his pledge of celibacy. He remained single forever. Nithin and Rashmika starrer ‘Bheeshma’ also has the same line – Single Forever. However, the first glimpse of the movie is quite contrasted to this line.

Here, Nithin is seen running after beautiful Rashmika. He is intoxicated with love. Then how can he be called Bheeshma? That we have to watch it on the silver screen when the film hits the theaters on Feb 21, 2020.

Directed by Venky Kudumula of ‘Chalo’ fame, The film is a cute love story. The scene of Nithin trying to grab the waist of Rashmika may attract trolling and criticism from the feminists.

Music is by Mahati Sagar. Naga Vamsi is producing the film. It seems to be an out and out romantic entertainer.

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