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Big Boss Final Winner Shiva Balaji

Big Boss Final Winner Shiva Balaji

The 70 days game excitement had come to an end by declaring Shiva Balaji as the winner. The Big Boss show anchor NTR announced the season-1 winner in the grand finale yesterday. Shivabalaji, Adharsh, and Hariteja on of these three were expected to be the winner In the ending days of the show. Hariteja was intended to win but at last Shiva Balaji got highest votes from his fans. Nearly 11 crore spectators participated in the voting and almost Shiva Balaji won with 3 crore votes.

Besides that Shiva Balaji was awarded 50 lakh prize money along with Big Boss season 1 trophy by the show host NTR. Music director Devi Sri Prasad shook his legs entertained the audience for the ceremony. Big Boss contestants attended the final event and congratulated Shiva Balaji for his victory. JR NTR gave different awards to the eliminated contestants of the show.

Big Boss Final Winner Shiva BalajiOverall, 16 people participated in this show but only were in the house for the grand finale. Archana and Navdeep left the Big Boss house before the finals. Shiva Balaji, Adharsh, and Hariteja were left and among them, Hariteja is ranked third by making Adharsh and Shiva as final contestants. Finally, Shiva Balajii, who won more votes, won the season-1 winner trophy.

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