Celebrities War For Cigerettes

Big Boss smoking episode

Big Boss smoking episode controversies

Star Maa is up with a new reality show Big Boss in Telugu. As everyone knows NTR is hosting the show. From the very beginning of the show, seems like the show isn’t entertaining audience much. The 5th day of the episode is very much boring. We see celebrities breaking the rules of the smoking zone hence Big Boss punishing them not giving Cigarettes. This Big Boss smoking episode made everyone know how Big Boss participants are.

Due to this reason of Big Boss not sending cigarettes we see participants acting aggressively towards Big Boss. Most of all Shiva Balaji reacts over on the issue. The rest of the celebrities who are up to smoking also supported Shiva Balaji on the issue. Furthermore, They spoke improperly saying they are celebrities and they are in the show to entertain the audience. It is Big Boss responsibility to fulfill their minimum requirements. Seeing these many conveys their opinion on these celebrities saying this war proves how cheap our celebrities are fighting for the smoke. Now, this issue is moving high in social media.

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