BJP’s Desperate Trails To Patch Up With The TDP


The ruling party of India, BJP is in its defence mode recently. To regain its power, the main heads of the party are in second thoughts over their vote bank. Recent acts of theirs reveal a strange thing regarding its allies.

Be it the incredible Modi wave or the fact that all are annoyed with Congress Party’s principles, every voter and hater of Congress gave a record majority to the BJP. Not only coming into the power after two terms, the Amit Shah lead BJP showcased its dominance over its allies like TDP, RSS etc. At some point, some of the Modi supports withdrew from the NDA alliance but the ruling party of AP, TDP still maintained its healthy relationships for the state’s benefit. As soon as the TDP Chief CBN realised that the BJP is actually playing with the self-respect of AP in the name of Special Category Status, he officially came out of the alliance like Nitish Kumar.

With less than a year to the D-Day, Amit Shah and Modi realised the importance of its allies like CBN, Nithish Kumar and other important leaders. As they doubt of winning single-handedly, they are now sending feelers to their allies indirectly. After shocking appraisals on CBN and his leadership abilities in Polavaram Project from BJP Minister Nitish Gadkari, now the BJP has met the media baron Ramoji Rao. This media tycoon is known for his close association with TDP since ages and his advice are rather taken seriously by CBN. So BJP is desperately trying to patch up with the TDP for 2019 in order to seek their help in Parliament elections and also to have a hold on AP where the BJP’s state cadre is at stake.


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