Doesn’t Sharukh Kids Care Him?

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Sharukh speaks about his Stardom

We all know how famous our Bollywood king Sharukh Khan is. He has a huge following all over with a huge craze. Who doesn’t know SRK. We even know about his attitude towards others.  According to Bollywood latest news he now once again proved his stardom with his own words.

“I love superstardom. wear it on my sleeve and I enjoy it. I am a rockstar and I really believe that I am a cool guy. I’d rather be this than anything else. I want to have a private jet and I want to enjoy all the trappings of a movie star. I want to come late on the set and make movies the way I do. And I say all this without any cynicism.” said he.

He furthermore says, “My kids joke about me being a star. If they see me telling my team that, ‘Guys, this has to be done by 9 pm!’ suddenly, Aryan will say… ‘Ohh…S..R..K!’ They know that I don’t take stardom seriously, so they can make fun of it.”. This shows how close STK is with his kids and this relationship with them.

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