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A woman Transfers Her Property On Hero’s Name And Dies!

Bollywood Star Sanjay Dutt Rejects Dead Fan Gift

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We have seen fans who have died for their favorite actor. There are some fans, who even killed others for abusing their favorite hero or heroine. Meanwhile, some fans even build temples. But shockingly, a lady fan gave a surprise not only to her family members but to the hero.

Nisha Tripathi, who hails from Mumbai breathed her last on January 29th due to a long-term ailment. Few months before her death, Nisha Tripathi transferred her property in the name of her favorite actor, Sanjay Dutt.Bank of Baroda called upon Sanjay Dutt on January 30th in this context. They informed him that, ‘a woman named Nisha Tripathi has deposited her property and assets on your name in the bank’.

Shocked Sanjay Dutt, immediately sent a letter to ‘Bank of Baroda’ through his lawyer. ‘My client Sanjay Dutt (actor) is nowhere related to the assets transferred on to his name. It was completely a personal wish of Nisha Tripathi to transfer the assets on to his name’, read the letter.The bank authorities also opined that this was a good decision by the actor, given the probability that a dispute might arise from the deceased woman’s family in the future.

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