BRS praty will get 100 seats


KCR’s confidence in securing a third consecutive victory for his party, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), and BRS party in the upcoming elections in Telangana. KCR expressed his confidence at a meeting with party leaders, where he emphasized the importance of winning more seats than before.

To achieve this, KCR called for two leaders to take responsibility from the government in every assembly constituency, and for Zilla Parishad chairpersons, MPs, and district in-charges to play the role of in-charges in constituencies where BRS legislators are not available. KCR also urged party leaders to reduce discontent among the cadre, educate people about government schemes, and interact with them regularly.

KCR highlighted the achievements made by Telangana during the last nine years, including surprising growth in every sector, such as electricity, roads, paddy procurement, agriculture, livestock, and fisheries. He also slammed the Maharashtra government, claiming that Telangana has successfully implemented schemes without going bankrupt, while Maharashtra has no vision.

KCR emphasized the importance of sustainable agriculture and the welfare of farmers and announced that the government would purchase all crops, including maize and sorghum, as in the past. He also asked the agriculture department to sensitize farmers to complete harvesting before unseasonal rains to avoid losses suffered due to untimely reasons.

KCR plans for BRS:

KCR stated that the BRS party would win more than 100 seats in the next election, and he outlined plans to reach out to the masses by producing TV ads and films. He also requested party leaders to submit the details of government lands lying idle with survey numbers to his office, which would be distributed to the poor to construct houses immediately.

kcr will get 100 seats of brs
KCR will get 100 seats of BRS in Telangana.
kcr will get 100 seats of brs
KCR will get 100 seats of BRS

Overall, KCR’s confidence in securing a third consecutive victory for his party in Telangana seems to be fueled by his emphasis on increasing the number of seats won, connecting with people through various programs, and promoting the government’s achievements and schemes.

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