Burrakatha: Aadhi Sai Kumar coming with Concept based Commercial film

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Audiences also tend to overlook routine stories.
It also comes with a series of flaps that can ruin the career.
Adi Sai Kumar, who came to the industry with the film Premakavali, never hit a single hit. Most of the directors made films with him Although did not produce any desired result.
Aadhi is coming with a different story at closure time of career.
Generally, a man has one brain.
But the hero has two brains in the film.

Director Diamond Ratnababu writes the story in the background of his problems and the events that took place in his life.
Diamond Ratnababu, noted writer, now wants to become a director.
The story is about a man with two brains.
This story might look similar to Naga Chaitanya’s film Savyasachi.
Two brains, thinking of two in the same man.
Burra Katha is set to release on June 28.


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