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Case filed against Rajasekhar’s Daughter!

Case filed against Rajasekhar’s Daughter!

A case has been filed against hero Rajasekhar’s daughter Sivani. While Rajasekhar is busy in enjoying the success of his come-back film Garuda Vega, his daughter Sivani’s behavior has been a concern to him. In a recent incident reported, Sivani has been involved in an accident.

Sivani was driving towards Navanirmannagar along Jubilee Hills Rd. No 73 when this incident took place. She lost the control of her car as she tried to cross speed-breaker. She ended up crashing into a car that was parked on the roadside. The car’s owner who was nearby rushed to spot to find his car severely damaged.


When he came to know that she was Rajasekhar’s daughter the guy demanded a reported sum of 30 lakhs for the car damage and not to file a case. With Rajasekhar involvement, the hero has agreed to pay 5 Lakhs for the car damage. The disappointed car owner has filed a complaint on Sivani on the basis of ‘reckless driving’ and for damaging his car in Jubilee Hills police station.

With case filed, Sivani has to attend the police inquiry at the Jubilee Hills police station in the coming few days. She has recently completed her MBBS and is expected to be launched as a heroine in the coming few months.

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