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HomelatestBJP Uses ‘CBI’ To Suppress KCR!

BJP Uses ‘CBI’ To Suppress KCR!

CBI To Suppress KCR In Sahara Group Scam

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KCR publicly announced that there should be an alternative for BJP and Congress at the Centre. In that context, he formed the ‘Federal Front’ (Third Front), which is a conglomerate of regional parties, and few national parties. He also announced that he would be leading the Federal Front if required. The recent political development, not only came as a shocker to the BJP-led NDA at the Centre, but also quickly changed political equations around Delhi.

Pawan Kalyan who played an instrumental role in TDP’s victory in 2014 elections, has extended his support to Federal Front. Mamata Banerjee, CM of West Bengal, former CM of Jharkhand, and other key leaders of various parties already extended their support to the Federal Front.

Realizing that things might soon slip out of their hands, the Centre has brought its caged-parrot ‘CBI’ back to work. According to official sources, the CBI will re-open the case of Rs 7000-crore Sahara Group scam. How is this related? It is indeed related.

During the initial investigation, it was heard that Telangana CM KCR, who was the Union Minister at that time (in 2006) allegedly favored the Sahara Group to operate its own EPF accounts. In this context, the CBI is likely to re-investigate the case.

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