Will CBN Associate With Congress Beyond Telangana?


As we all know, the Telangana state is getting ready for the snap polls which is touted to be held in the month of November, all the eyes are now on two parties TDP and Congress.It is evident that TDP has extended its support to its most rivalry party Congress to dethrone Modi supported TRS in Telangana. Right now both the parties are busy in allocating the seats and different speculations are floating every day. TDP is continuing its battle against the central government led by Modi in all the possible ways. It has taken the steps beyond anyone’s imagination by joining hands with Congress and the sharing of seats will be officially announced in a couple of days.

tdp is willing to join hands only in telangana but not beyond that.

But what makes here interesting is Congress seems to have much bigger plans with CBN. As everyone knows how instrumental CBN is when it comes to the third front/alliances and making the best decisions, Congress is its plans to use CBN to bring consensus across other parties for Rahul Gandhi prime minister candidature. This seems to be a master plan from Congress but will Chandrababu accept this is a million dollar question.As far as the cadre is concerned, TDP is willing to join hands only in Telangana but not beyond that. As TDP came into existence from dethroning Congress, collaborating with Congress beyond that would be a historical mistake says the political analysts.


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