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HomelatestCBN counters to Pawan Kalyan over questioning the Govt

CBN counters to Pawan Kalyan over questioning the Govt

CBN counters to Pawan Kalyan over questioning the Govt

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As we all know, the Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has floated a Joint Facts Finding Committee and has been said he will be collaborating with the intellectuals and other party members to raise the voice of the people over the injustice done.

As he said, he started his first move by including the ex-member of the parliament Undavalli Arun Kumar and Lok Satta founder Jaya Prakash Narayan into JFC.  Later he had associated with both of them and has discussed regarding various issues of the state which includes SCS, the so-called package, and the Union Budget. Post the meeting with Undavalli, Pawan has claimed that till date the govt. has neither given him the white note nor mentioned the details regarding the allocation of funds on Polavaram. This has been discussed in the TDP core committee meeting just a while back.

CBN has responded in a strange manner over the comments made by the Janasena Chief. CBN has adviced Pawan to focus his fact-finding committee on the funds which have to be given by the central govt. to the state over the past 4 years rather than focusing on how it has been spending by the state government. He also made it clear that central government will be anyways monitoring on the funds spent by the state.

Does this really mean like no one has the right to ask the government to issue a white note on the funds spent? The people of Andhra are in deep pain regarding the injustice done to them. When there is a lot of confusion among the political parties regarding how much it has been allocated by the center and how much has been spent by the state, it is the right of every citizen of the state to know the complete details with evidence.

It is the duty and responsibility of the state government to let the people know in detail regarding what the center has given and how much the state has spent.

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