Monday, March 27, 2023
HomelatestCBN Demands The Centre To Aid More For Kerala

CBN Demands The Centre To Aid More For Kerala

The devastating floods of God’s own land Kerala has left the entire nation of India in vain with death tolls increasing by every passing day. Unlike other Ministers, the AP Chief Minister CBN has become the first person to question the Centre regarding their help.Already the Kerala State Government has reported a huge loss of 20,000 crores of rupees till date due to these severe floods and rainfall. Indian PM who visited the site granted just 600 crores of rupees from the PM relief funds and tried to showcase his love towards South India. Many leaders across the Nation along with the netizens ridiculed PM’s help towards Kerala and termed him as a leader with partiality. TDP MPs, Ministers, MLAs, MLAsSome dared to question if such Natural calamity happens in any BJP ruling states, then the Centre’s help would be double that of Kerala. AP CM Chandrababu Naidu didn’t sit calmly unlike other leaders and demanded the BJP Government to aid more for Kerala. He reminded the people that the same PM who promised 1000 crores of rupees for Hudhud only sent 650 crores.CBN who announced 10 crores from his relief fund has given a call to his own Government employees and NGOs associated with the ruling party.

 APSRTC and other NGOs addedImmediately, the TDP MPs, Ministers, MLAs, MLAs, Government officers, Secretariat employees, APSRTC and other NGOs added a total of a whopping 49.5 crores and the amount was sent to Kerala. Not just that, the TDP Chief sent 10 crores worth ration and goods to Kerala the other day. CBN stated that this amount is only from the Government side and he is trying his best for the Private Industries to help for the cause. It is very much wondering to know no leader except CBN is questioning the Centre regarding Kerala.

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