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HomelatestCBN finds his new brand ambassador of AP

CBN finds his new brand ambassador of AP

CBN finds his new brand ambassador of AP

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The tech CM Chandrababu Naidu has made headlines in his own style. He has announced the official first brand ambassador of Andhra Pradesh recently. Let us go into the details.

The TDP National Chief CBN known for his vast experience in politics has made some exciting comments on the state of AP. He claimed that Andhra never had an ambassador in its history as it never needed one. On the same note, he cleverly compared the state of AP to the Sun. CBN didn’t hesitate to declare AP as the rising Sun state of India and with rather a strong tone, he made a shocking announcement. CBN made it official that the Sun is the official and first brand ambassador of Andhra Pradesh.

He said that Sun is worshipped in many big nations like Arab and East Asian countries including India. So he feels proud to make Sun as AP’s ambassador. This tech-savvy statesman claimed that more than 5000-kilowatts of electricity is generated by Solar Power in AP thereby making it as one of the largest Solar power generators in the nation of India. He concluded his speech that Sun is a God who belongs to no one religion in this world.

However, his rivals and political analysts slam the CM regarding the urgent need of announcing and ambassador for AP. They ask CBN to increase the green cover and prove his respect towards Nature rather than delivering speeches on Sun. No wonder if other rival states of AP ridicule babu for this new announcement.

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