CBN Gave It Back To Jagan By Dunnapothu Comment


As the general elections of AP are approaching nearby, the Position and Opposition leaders CBN and YS Yagan have shifted gears of their abuses. This war of words reach a new level such that the common people are wondering the stature of these big leaders.

It all started when the YSRCP head YS Jagan Mohan Reddy termed CBN who is known for the tag name Chandra Anna. He ridiculed that the people are waiting for Anna to rescue them but a Dunna ( male buffalo ) came to ditch them. Reacting strongly to this, CBN who generally keeps his temper to the limits fumed fire on Jagan. In his recent speech, the AP CM complained that the YSRCP Chief Jagan and their MLAs ran out of Assembly like cowards instead of facing the TDP Government. Despite discussing the people’s problems, CBN declared that Jagan who became a Dunnapothu these days is becoming hungry and eager for the power. Along with CBN, the other TDP leaders joined chorus to their National head and called names to Jagan and his co.

Seems the war between the CBN and Jagan is not going to stop anywhere near and it would only be increased day by day until the results are declared. Hope these leaders mind the media and people who are watching them before making such comments.


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