Home latest CBN keen on joining hands with his arch-rival:

CBN keen on joining hands with his arch-rival:

CBN Keen On Joining Hands With KCR

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The master of AP Politics Chandrababu Naidu has been writing new strategies to strengthen his party in Telangana along with AP. His indirect revelations in a recent party’s press meet explain everything.

CBN has called up for Telangana TDP’s internal meeting the other day at Hyderabad to discuss their election action plan. In his meeting, he has poured more fuel to already existing speculation flame of T-TDP’s alliance with TRS. even though he didn’t declare the alliance, he stated that T-TDP will stay independent no matter what in the T-state. But he is more than happy to get into an alliance with any strong party to fight against the Centre. CBN claimed that Congress cheated the two Telugu states and BJP showed them an empty hand.

So T-TDP is ready to join hands with existing big party to save the self-respect of Telugu people. His statement ruled out parties like Congress and BJP. The only remaining party in Telangana is the TRS and its Chief is once a good friend of CBN who also started his career in TDP. The Chief of National TDP declared that he is ok to get into an alliance with the willing party if his cadre gets nominated posts to serve the people.

Is this his indirect declaration of his alliance with TRS? If so, it will be a strong shock for T-Congress which is looking forward to defeating TRS in 2019’s elections. TDP TRS combo will become an undefeated alliance in Telangana if it happens.

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