CBN Not At All Worried About The Negative Result In Polls


The AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is showcasing his satisfaction on his present term ruling which might yield winning results in the upcoming polls. His rather tensionless lifestyle explains everything.

If there is any anti-incumbency growing among the voters, then the ruling party would announce mind blowing offers to the people to ensure their win in the elections. But Babu seems to be more than cool when it comes to the polls. With great confidence to retain Government, he didn’t announce any stunning schemes for all the sections of the society unlike his rivals Jagan and Telangana CM KCR. He just gave away pensions to the senior citizens and deposited money for the dwakra women and that too for once but not for all the years of his immediate termination. If he fears of losing, then he would have made these schemes to last all the upcoming years, opines a leading Political analyst.

On the flip side, three of his MLAs already left the party and an MP is almost standing on the verge to jump the party. Still, CBN has remained unshaken and unbothered such that he is not sending any mediators to hold talks with his defected leaders. Currently, CBN is touring Delhi to unite all the anti-Modi leaders to shatter the Saffron fort in the New Delhi.


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