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HomelatestCBN Silent On His Alleged Tie-Ups With Congress Party

CBN Silent On His Alleged Tie-Ups With Congress Party

Likewise in Telangana, media has been publishing numerous articles regarding the possible TDP’s tie-ups with Congress. Even though CBN didn’t say anything positive or negative regarding this issue, the TDP Supreme’s silence is speaking volumes.TDP was established mainly to oppose then existed Congress party by late Telugu legend NTR. Now such party is heavily rumored to be joining hands with their big enemy Congress.

krishna murthy, ayanna patrulu

As soon as these rumors floated on the newspapers, Ministers like KE Krishna Murthy, Ayanna Patrulu condemned them and declared that the would leave the party if anything like that tie up happens in TDP. They declared that their head didn’t make any official statement regarding this nor passed any comment inside the party circles as well. This is clearly explaining that CBN is testing his own cadre with these speculations. Being the National head of TDP and appearing every day on the TVs, he can easily condemn these rumors. CBN chose to be silent regarding this matter and at the same time, he has reportedly asked his party leaders not to respond to any news until he announces.

TDP Supreme’s silenceIt seems that the AP CM is thinking deeply about this alliance with the Congress. He is not thrashing this idea into the bin nor he says anything positive towards Congress. Going by the Universal law of Silence represents half acceptance, CBN is likely to join hands with the AICC to defeat YSRCP, BJP, and Janasena.

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