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Both The Parties Reading Their Weapons Amidst Results In Telangana

The counting of Telangana snap polls along with four other States would commence from the 11th morning and the results will be declared on 10 AM citing the clear winner of Telangana. Meanwhile, the two major parties TRS and T-Congress are arranging their weapons to win this Political battle.The ex-ruling party TRS which has its own advantages of being in Government all these years is very confident in its win. The Pink camp needs sixty seats to form the Government like a cake walk. If it gets 50 plus seats, then its ally MIM would come to the rescue of TRS to cross the magical number.If TRS gets some good 45 plus seats, then it is planning to lure the Independents and TRS rebels to get the threshold number.

telangana assembly elections 2018

Any number under forty seats might limit TRS to the Opposition place.On the flip side, Mahakutami’s first option is to include the parties TDP, TJS, CPI, and CPM into it to surpass the magical number. If Governor fails to accept Mahakutami’s union, then Congress will bring in the Karnataka Minister Arun Kumar who proved his mettle in uniting Congress and JDS in Karnataka. This Minister would lure the Independents and other Congress rebels with offers. Not just the Independents, the Congress is ready to go any extent to lure as many MLAs as it can to dethrone KCR.

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