TRS To Emerge Victorious In Telangana Elections

TRS set for two-third majority in Telangana

The judgment day has finally come and now its clear that the pink party is going to be victorious in Telangana elections.Amidst huge curiosity and tense atmosphere, the Telangana elections have been started on December 7th and everyone expected that Mahakutami might give a neck to neck fight to TRS. But to everyone’s surprise, the TRS car is going on full speed without any speed-breakers till now. A silent wave of TRS seems to have worked out to the core when it comes to this elections.

TRS To Emerge Victorious In Telangana Elections

Even the senior leaders who have made tall claims about winning the elections has been trailed. The main opposition Congress party is struggling to even reach 20 figure mark. Forget about the chances of TDP. Overall its TRS show from the initial start of the counting. As of now, TRS has won 24 seats and is leading in 62 places whereas Kootami has won 4 seats and is leading in 19 places. MIM has won 3 places till now.Keep watching this space for more updates.


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