CBN’s Fresh Remarks On The Opposition Leader Jagan

CBN’s Fresh Remarks On The Opposition Leader Jagan

The AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is not leaving his Assembly rival YS Jagan in his every day Press meet. He fumed on the YSRCP Chief for his alleged secret friendship with the Indian PM Narendra Modi.

The other day, the TDP National Chief slung mud of Jagan claiming that he is acting according to the directions of Telangana CM KCR. Now he went a step further and declared that Jagan has become a complete puppet in the hands of Narendra Modi. according to CBN, Jagan has sold the self-respect of AP to the BJP heads of Modi-Amit Shah duo fearing that they might revoke the CBI cases and put him back to jail. Also, the power hungriness of the Opposition leader is making him support the Saffron party which ditched the State in the name of Special Status. Babu showcased his confidence on the AP voters by stating that the people are silently observing everything and they would still fight for their self-respect by turning against YSRCP in the State of AP and BJP at the Centre.

By saying so, Babu wants to hit two birds with one shot. He is hoping to win the power yet again the State and wins as many Lok Sabha seats as he can to become the PM Candidate decider in the Parliament by revoking AP voters against these two parties.


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