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Centre Applied Brakes For Polavaram Works

The main villain of Andhra Pradesh, BJP lead Centre is showing all its power to trouble the ruling party TDP. It dared to stop the work of Polavaram project in very crucial moment resulting in huge losses to the State funds.The project of Polavaram is on the way to get completed in the year 2019. The progress rocked like anything under the supervision of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu to provide 194 TMCs of irrigation water for almost five lakh acres of multi-crop lands. Such mega project’s work got halted recently according to the verdict of the Supreme court.

It all started when the Environmental clearance was denied in the year 2007 by the case registered by the Odisha Government in the Supreme Court.However, the AP Government got the stay and used its legal bench to extend the stay year after year. By the last month’s end, this stay got expired and the AP state asked the Centre to extend the stay so that they can carry on with the project construction works. Even though it is not willing to give the stay to irk TDP, BJP denied the extension in the name of Odisha Government. When asked further, it asked the AP ruling party to wait for the Environmental Minister Harshavardhan’s arrival in India.

Without doing anything, the works of the project got halted temporarily.But the AP Government is quite confident about finishing this project which can be produced the Hydro-Electric power of more than 90 Megawatts which can electrify the entire state. Also, Centre failed to release the promised funds of about 2000 crores to the State. Despite helping, the Centre is still troubling the state because of its rivalry with TDP.

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