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Chalo Movie Review by Telugu Bullet

Chalo Movie Review

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Movie Name: Chalo
Movie Cast: Naga Shaurya, Rashmika Mandanna
Director: Venky Kudumula
Music Director: Mahati Swara Sagar
Production: Usha Mulpuri

From the very first day, Chalo team has been promoting the film as a family entertainer. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s presence at the Chalo Pre-release event definitely boosted the film’s overseas market. Being an own production, the commercial success of Chalo can motivate the actor to come up with different movies. For Naga Shourya who is yet to prove big on the silver screen, Chalo is likely to be the turning point in his career.


Hari (Naga Shourya) is a happy-go-lucky guy who finds fun in quarrels and fights. Fed up with his behaviour, Hari’s parents push him off to a college in Tirippuram, a village in the Andhra – Tamil Nadu border. The village is known for its raging battles between two regional groups. In his college, he falls in love with Karthika (Rashmika). While Hari is a Telugite, Karthika is a Tamilian. On understanding the circumstances, Hari realizes that he is in for big trouble. Why are the two groups fighting against each other? What happens to the couple’s love? Will Hari be able to convince Karthika’s family? Watch it on the big screen to find the answers.


Naga Shourya lives up to his expectations in Chalo. The newbie Rashmika carries her good work from Sandalwood into Tollywood. Though the story has little to offer, the way it has been handled makes the film watching worthwhile. The director has taken extreme care in designing each character in the film. Casting requires a special appreciation.

It’s nice to see a college back-drop story after a long time. Chalo comes as a fresh breather from the regular and over-hyped heavy masala entertainers. Chalo is carefully crafted artwork from the director. The movie doesn’t lose its fun-theme throughout its runtime. Despite a couple of scenes, the movie is lively and engaging for the most part. Venky Kudumula shines in the writing and script department. The animosity between the two groups and Naga Shourya’s college life are filled with fun, and entertaining.  Sudarshan, Satya and Viva Harsha are successful in bringing some laughs in the first half. Vennela Kishore with his trademark timing steals the show in the second half (comedy).

It shouldn’t be surprising if you feel the story is quite shallow. Nowhere, you fell that the film is a low-budget venture. Impressive production values and good cinematography result in good visuals on the screen. Mahati, son of Mani Sharma, is good with his BGM and a couple of songs. He is a talent to watch out for. Rest of the supporting cast did their job decently.

Plus Points:

  • Lead pair performances
  • Direction and Narration
  • Comedy
  • Production Values


  • Shallow Story
  • Dip in the second half
  • Drag in few scenes
  • Little Romance

Telugu Bullet Punchline: Chalo – A clean, light and fully entertaining film!

Review: 3/5

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