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HomelatestCBN Behind Balayya-NTR Jr’s Patch Up?

CBN Behind Balayya-NTR Jr’s Patch Up?

Leaving all the Nandamuri fans in joy, the Babai Nandamuri Balayya completely patched up with NTR Jr on the happy occasion of Aravinda Samantha’s success meet. Political analysts, however, have a theory behind this historical gettogether. Balayya maintained distance from Hari Krishna since ages for many reasons. At the same time, Hari Krishna who has zero interest on CBN’s ruling skipped party meetings and kept himself busy with his best friends who belong to YSRCP.

themselves between Balayya and NTR Jr.

The distance between these two brothers only increased with time such that the fans of the Nandamuri family split themselves between Balayya and NTR Jr. The death of Hari Krishna changed everything and resulted in the beautiful reunion of Balayya and Taarak. According to the leading Political analysts, CBN is behind everything as he desperately needs a star campaigner for TDP. From final rites to the eleventh-day death rituals, CBN regularly met Taarak and expressed his emotional support.

TDP with his electrifying speeches

It is CBN who permitted for extra shows for Aravinda Samantha in AP and advised Balayya to attend the success meet. After Janasenani turned against TDP, CBN thought that NTR Jr would fill the void and campaign for TDP with his electrifying speeches. Whatever might be the hidden intention, it is good that Balayya kept everything aside and extended his family support to Hari Krishna’s family.

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