Monday, September 20, 2021
HomelatestCBN To Teach A Lesson For Talasani With Snap Polls

CBN To Teach A Lesson For Talasani With Snap Polls

The TDP National head Chandrababu Naidu is preparing a perfect plan to eliminate the Sanathnagar MLA Talasani Srinivas Yadav. On a mission to teach a befitting lesson for the latter’s betrayal, CBN is all set to take this constituency rather seriously.It all started when the former member of TDP Talasani Srinivas Yadav who won with the TDP ticket in Sanathnagar segment left the party and joined TRS for the sake of nominated posts.Unable to digest this defection, CBN was said to be hurt with Talabani’s sudden change.

As this is not enough, this defected MLA started criticizing CBN and TDP to the core whenever he gets a chance. Expressing his loyalty to the Pink camp, Talasani who entered the Assembly only with the back up of TDP had done personal attack on his former Chief CBN. Now the AP CM who has been determined to teach a lesson to Talasani held talks with the Mahakutami Chief Rahul Gandhi and got the Sanathnagar ticket to the TDP member Kuna Venkata Goud, who sacrificed his seat to Talasani in 2014.Now the entire Mahakutami in this constituency is marching to remove Yadav from the MLA seat and make Goud as their new MLA. To this story, Goud has already bagged voters’ sympathy in this particular constituency.

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