Sunday, October 2, 2022
HomelatestNaidu, The Leader Of Deccan Front Against BJP?

Naidu, The Leader Of Deccan Front Against BJP?

The TDP National head’s aggressive meetings spree of anti-BJP leaders in North has now entered South. After his meetings with JDS Dewa Gowda and Stain in Tamil Naidu, Political analysts predict stunning things about Congress-TDP’s secret mission.

Observing the moves of CBN, the AICC Chief Rahul Gandhi and CBN decided to form two big groups in North and South. The North will be taken care of Rahul himself and his motto is to unite all the UPA partners in North Indian against BJP. Chandrababu’s mission is to form the Deccan Front in order to minimise Lok Sabha seats for the Saffron party. Babu met Kumaraswamy and Stain to seek their support in forming this front. There are 185 Lok Sabha seats in South India. BJP has the strong hold in Karnataka and decent vote bank in Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

chandra babu with stalin

Deccan Front will work hard to minimises as many seats as they can for BJP in South India whereas the UPA and its allies will fight hard against BJP in North for 2019’s Parliament elections. With this new strategy, this Grand alliance will not only win against the NDA Sarkar but also limit the BJP to North India thereby removing it completely in South.

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