Balakrishna Jumps Into The Scene! Attacks PM Modi!

Chandrababu Attack On PM Modi In Balakrishna Style

Chandrababu Attack On PM Modi In Balakrishna Style

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The ‘Dharma Deeksha’ planned by AP CM Chandrababu Naidu not only became a platform to promote TDP but also became a venue for a well-planned full-fledged attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Though criticism doesn’t come as a surprise in politics, it was interesting to see Nandamuri Balakrishna singing the song along with other TDP leaders.

In his speech, Balakrishna said, ‘You don’t respect a senior leader like LK Advani. Nor you value and respect your legally wedded wife. They say, ‘Karyeshu Dasi… Karasu Manthri… Bhojyeshu Matha… Sayanesha Rambha…’ You should first learn to love your wife.

You are just passing your time, with people like Amit Shah beating your drum. One shouldn’t forget the fact that, BJP had only 2 seats in the Parliament. It is because of NTR and Chandrababu, BJP is in this position’.He also accused the Prime Minister of doing injustice to Andhra Pradesh, and its people. ‘The Telugu people will surely teach BJP a befitting lesson’, concluded Balakrishna.  

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