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Mohan Babu Reacts Harshly On Politics!

Hero Mohan Babu Responds Harshly On Politics

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Dialogue King Manchu Mohan Babu reacted in his typical style on politics. Surprising everyone, the actor made stark comments on the present situation of politics, without referring whether at state or national level.

His post on Facebook read, ‘Mahatma… There is no good politician in this nation, to which you brought freedom. There is the only pollution everywhere. There is one solution for this. People Revolution’.

The dialogue is from the movie ‘Adivilo Anna’ starring Mohan Babu himself. The post became an interesting subject, given the fact that, speculations have been running wild on social media that Mohan Babu would soon venture into politics once again.Thought the post has seen positive response since it has been posted, there are few others who have questioned Mohan Babu’s silence on the casting couch.

A Facebook user said, ‘Sir Namaskaram. You did not utter a word about casting couch. They what is the need for this kind of statements sir?’ While Manchu Vishnu reacted against the casting couch, condemning MAA Association’s varying stance at multiple instances. He also wrote a letter asking for a better framework of guidelines and regulations.

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